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Voted Number One Cookies In Rockland,



Home Of The Award Winning Ghrahamello®, 2018

Customer Reviews

Best cookies i have had in a long time. Maria is super helpful and so sweet!

Her kitchen sink cookies are to die for as well as her rainbow cookies and the grahmellos (might have spelled wrong) should be illegal!!!Her cakes are awesome too! There is nothing there that I do not love!!!

Monica Buczkowski (Google)


The BEST customer service ever !!!! I called from out of state to have a cake delivered to my brother for his birthday and they went above and beyond anything I could have imagined to make it all work out.

Patti Fuller (Google)


you won't find another cookie like aunt mia's! so yummy, lots of variety and best of all, aunt mia is so kind!

Nicole Morrissey (Google)


"it's the most banging cookies in all the land" people are super nice and the cookies are delicious.

Chrissy Lynn (Google)


I had my daughters 1st birthday just yesterday and ordered the cake from Aunt Mias Sweets. These ladies were a pleasure to work with! The cake and favors came out beautiful. I would definitely recommend ordering from them. The cake was not only beautiful but it also tasted amazing!

Jen M., Sparkill, NY (Yelp)


A friend of mine had recommended Aunt Mia's for the great selection of cakes and cookies. Surprisingly, I stumbled upon their homemade doggie treats called Brandi's Biscuits! What I love most about them is that they are made with all natural ingredients like peanut butter and oats. Not to mention they're shaped like little dogs and bones!! My puppy absolutely loved them, and because they are so affordable, I have gone back numerous times to buy more. They are wrapped so nicely with a dog print ribbon, and I anticipate buying more for friends who have dogs as gifts. What's also great is that a portion of the sales goes to a local animal shelter. Enough about the dog treats, the cakes and cookies are delicious as well!! 🙂

Angela A., Englewood, NJ (Yelp)


I got some take-out at Bailey's Smokehouse and while waiting, I saw a basket with some brownies and a sticker with Aunt Mia's Sweets on them. I got one and couldn't resist a bite on the drive home with dinner.....I ate the entire thing before I hit my driveway. I was hooked! I went in the next day for a few cookies to try, but left with a dozen, along with a cupcake, some dog biscuits and a crumb cake. The cupcake was yellow cake with white icing - icing wasn't overly sweet, which I love, cake was nice and moist. The crumb cake didn't last the day. Also incredibly moist, I know this one will be a regular in my house. And oh those cookies.........the cookie itself reminds me of my Mom's buttery Spritz cookies she made every Christmas. She would put jam in the middle of hers, but at Aunt Mia's, she takes that buttery cookie base and elevates it with all kinds of different flavors. We tried butterfinger, oreo, banana chocolate chip, raspberry crumb, lemon.......each one was just scrumptious! The Grahamello lives up to (and exceeds!) its reputation. One is just not enough of these! These cookies aren't huge, so eating a couple leaves very little guilt, but stopping at 2 is pretty difficult. The dog biscuits were packaged with 2 in a bag (bone shaped) with a paw print ribbon. All natural, made from whole wheat flour, pb, oats, baking powder, my dog went bananas for them! We will both be regular customers!

Monie J., Blauvelt, NY (Yelp)


I was hoping cupcakes were readily available but the owner informed me it had to be pre-ordered. She was really friendly and courteous.

The bakery smelled delicious when I walked in. Beautifully decorated and cookies galore! I got a free cookie...nice! I also bought some to go.

I'll order a few cupcakes next time since others' reviews tell how yummy they were.

Annette M. New York, NY (Yelp)


Holy cow! Holy cow! Holy cow!
The catering service at my workplace ordered cupcakes from Aunt Mia's and Holy Cow they were amazing!!!!
I hunted down the catering coordinator to find out what the magic was. It was this place.
I have had all of the best cupcakes in NYC and NJ. These cupcakes are tops! They are gorgeous and their taste is nice and layered with quality ingredients. This bakery does it right and their cupcakes are like none other.
There goes my waistband....
L u v ! ! !

A.L. Clifton NJ (Yelp)


"You're not going to have a better cookie!"
There's not much to say except these cookies are so yummy! There are so many varieties of the shortbread cookie which "Aunt Mia" has perfected. Every time I go in there, it's another new flavor to try. The best cookie shop in Rockland County.

Nicole M. (TripAdvisor)


I am a regular customer here at Aunt Mia's and my friends, family, coworkers and I can't get enough of these cookies!!  Everyone I bring them around says, "Are THOSE the special cookies?!"  They are the stuff of legends at this point.  Added perks that keep me coming back: reliable free parking, hours are excellent for a working person like myself, owner Maria always handles my last-minute requests with great flexibility and her staff is very friendly (I found out that Mia is a cute nickname her niece gave her =-), and the cookies keep well in the fridge/travel well on a road trip, unlike chocolate, cupcakes, or other baked goods, plus they are not too expensive.  What's not to like?!

The cookies are just small enough to be a nice treat without being overly filling, so you can easily try a few flavors.  I recommend asking for a free sample next time you're in the area!  They are far from just ordinary thumbprint cookies: the dough is rich and complex, buttery, not too sweet, and just the right consistency (never dry, never too moist).  I love that they have mini chocolate chips baked into the dough and some have a chocolate drizzle on top!  My favorites: Raspberry, Banana, Vanilla, Toffee, Grahamello® (s'mores!), and the Pretzel really grew on me =-)  They come in small to medium-sized boxes with optional seasonal bow around them, or in clear cellophane on a round tray, so either way they look very presentable as a gift.

Which brings me to American Woman's review: seriously?! Comparing this sweet little American cookie and bake shop to a full-blown French Patisserie eatery blows my mind. DD sells very fancy crepes, macaroons, pastries, etc.  And you want to talk about overpriced?!  I have absolutely nothing against DD as I live in Nyack and have been there occasionally (when I can afford it), too, but there's really nothing to compare between the two. For a quick, affordable, absolutely delicious, and pleasant-looking display for a party, holiday, work event, or just to enjoy with friends, Aunt Mia's Sweets is my go-to.

Julia H., Nyack, New York (Yelp)


My 2 yr old daughter, her friend and I stopped in today for the first time to pick up a birthday treat for myself 🙂 The owner was there and was SO sweet. She gave the girls a cookie and insisted I try one as well. Initially my plan was to get cupcakes, but after trying the cookies, I went for that instead. They are AMAZING! I had the raspberry chocolate chip and I don't think I'll be the same. The girls loved the vanilla sprinkle ones and I have some magical s'mores concoction for later 🙂 We will definitely be back. I recommend this bakery to all! 🙂

Stacy M., Emerson, New Jersey (Yelp)


I love Aunt Mia's Sweets!!  I bring the cookies to all parties and dinners we attend as a hostess gift, there is never a cookie left at the end of the meal and everyone that tries one will ask for the name of the store.

This is the cookie store my kids crave.  We have had the cupcakes for birthday parties and they are always fresh and made to meet all our needs (frozen theme with snow on the top).  Cookie cakes are wonderfully decorated.
My favorite cookie is the Grahamello®, but you really can't go wrong.  The prices are reasonable and the free samples are a bonus.  I highly recommend Aunt Mia's Sweets.

Kim S., Piermont, New York (Yelp)


I literally can't get enough of these cookies. I have to limit the amount that I buy so that I don't overeat. Of course, that just makes me go back more often to keep buying them! I've brought these cookies to parties where they are always a hit and given boxes as gifts. They never disappoint! The cupcakes and coffee cake are also delightful.

We even bought a cookie cake for my son's first birthday party and the owner made it into the shape of the number one. Everyone devoured the cake.

Don't hesitate to stop in and ask for a sample!

CK S., New York, New York


This is one of the best bakeries in Rockland.  Everything she makes is amazing!!!  The cookies, cakes and cupcakes amazing!!  Maria (owner) is the sweetest, she is always so friendly and helpful!! She makes amazing cookies!! I get them for every occasion! I highly recommend this bakery!

Kristen C., New City, New York (Yelp)


Went here for the first time and got a one pound box of assorted cookies.  They were excellent.  The cookies seem to be made mainly from the same dough which has a bit of a flaky crumb to it; a good, buttery bite.  They are topped with a variety of jams, chocolate and one even has marshmallow and chocolate. The one with coconut, in a pinwheel shape, was my favorite.  They are very reasonable at 15. per pound. They also ship around the country so I was able to ship to relatives at a savings over the QVC food gifts I normally send!

Catherine B., Nanuet, New York (Yelp)


Lots of Great Testimonials from our Facebook Page, below:

We have used Aunt Mia's for 3 children birthday parties and countless times for on the go. My family from both South Jersey and Connecticut always request the cupcakes. Thanks for offering our community a store front that sells quality baked goods!

Liz D. (Facebook)

Best sweets ever! And service with a smile.

Laurell G. (Facebook)

I had there cannoli and it was amazing!!!!!

Evelina Q. (Facebook)

Aunt Mia's cookies are the most delicious, scrumptious, cookies you will ever taste. Stopping at one cookie is impossible. Whenever anyone brings Aunt Mia's cookies near me, I want to steal them for myself!

Vicki C. (Facebook)

Just found this place and I am a cookie snob- and honestly these are the BEST cookies ever! I can't even pick a favorite flavor. I will say you shouldn't leave without trying a vanilla bean or chocolate banana cookie. also very friendly and helpful lady is the chef ^-^ you should definitely go here!

Lara S. (Facebook)

Most amazing cookies!!

Cheryl Ann B. (Facebook)

Thanks Aunt Mia's for the fabulous cookies! Made a special occasion that more special!

Carolyn B. (Facebook)

Freaking delicious cookies I've ever had in my life. ..everything is amazing

Joanna L. (Facebook)

My godmother bought cookies and cake from Aunt Mia's Sweets for my engagement party. The cookies were so fresh and delicious. I must say that those were some of the best cookies I have ever had. My fiance loved the fillings. The cake was also delicious. The cake itself was moist and the pudding filling was amazing. Thank you so much for making my engagement special- your desserts were definitely a highlight of the party!

Jackie S. (Facebook)

Best cookies ever made by the sweetest woman!

Brian D. (Facebook)

The best cookies ever And the owner a doll:)

Theresa C. (Facebook)

Aunt Mia is the best to work with. She like many of my entertainment party vendors indulges my creative spirit and energy. She make the best sugar cookie and is willing to create something unique when I bring in a party theme. Thanks for Savanna's and My Mom's cookies for their celebrations.

Vania M. (Facebook)

What more can be said other than OUTSTANDING!

Janie M. (Facebook)


Aunt Mia's Sweets, the best dessert shop I've ever seen hit Rock-Land.

The owner who is kind and welcoming provides excellent service from the moment I walked in. The selection is large and vast with numerous choices of gourmet cookies can make a customer's mouth water. The cakes weren't entirely on display nor able to taste test which was a disappointment for me but made up for with free samples of Mia's famous cookies.

What really sold me were Mia's creative specialties. Most of her cookies are of her own recipe. Her newest brownie cookie which she still hasn't discovered the proper name for almost made me collapse at how delicious it was. If I were to give a name for that cookie, I would call it a "revolution."
To be honest, I wish I found out about Aunt Mia's Sweets sooner. I never knew there was such a good Old fashioned "hole in the wall" type of place in Rock-Land county. I use to get my cookies at places like shop-rite or stop and shop which can sometimes be reasonably priced but you can't beat homemade quality desserts like Aunt Mia's.

The shop itself could improve, for instance, more tables and chairs to have it get the cafe vibe it is lacking although that is neither here nor there. Part of me would want that to happen just so people may be more aware of the shop but I would hate if it turned into a Starbucks. Having recently become a fan and big supporter of Aunt Mia's, I recommend to any skeptical customers out there to give Aunt Mia's a chance. It may seem a little expensive but frankly what aren't these days. Good quality gourmet cookies is what Aunt Mia's has, so don't pass it up.


I have been frequenting Aunt Mia's for over a year now. Every time I walk in the owner Maria is so sweet and friendly and offers you a sample! That never happens anywhere anymore. She has so many different flavore of cookies and the base for all of them is a delicious buttery, malt in your mouth dough. She is very creative and is constantly cooking up new ideas and flavors I love her chocolate chip caramel pinwheel cookies the best! I have always going everything to be fresh. Maria is also very philanthropic and is always willing to donate her cookies to a good cause. Everyone should try these amazing cookies!

Lex P., New City, NY

I'm so glad I didn't read American Woman's review before heading over to Aunt Mia's Sweets.  The only thing I have to agree with was that the owner, was absolutely amazing.  She went above and beyond to accommodate my needs.  With only a days notice, Maria, the owner, made my daughter's cupcake cake to my exact wishes, and it was delicious.  I recommend Aunt Mia's to all my friends now.   Oh and if you really want to taste a yummy cookie, try her gram-mello cookie...OMG

MP G., Orangeburg, NY

Visited Aunt Mia's Sweets in Orangeburg NY on recommendation from a friend who came up from the Jersey Shore because she heard about the store from her sister in Nyack. The store is clean, the showcase is inviting, the products are superb.

We ordered several cupcake towers and cookie towers for an event for a client. As an event planner I must bring my clients the best of the best for their events. Maria was kind enough to let my client order some "tasting samples" and she loved them.

The cupcakes and cookies were a smash hit at the event. I was very pleased with the level of personal attention that was given to our customization requests and with the overall customer service, as was my client. I highly recommend Aunt Mia's Sweets for catering and for all other gourmet bakery purchases.

Maureen M., Hackensack, NJ

A friend recommended Aunt Mia's to me and I was not disappointed!  The cookies were fresh and delicious with many flavors to choose from.  The owner was very nice and was very helpful in helping me decide on a selection of treats to bring to my niece's birthday party.  Everyone loved the cookies and were a big hit.  I will definitely be back and recommend to my friends and family.

Cookie L., Pequannock, NJ

Auntie Mia's is a find!  The cookies are different not your typical cookie cutter butter cookie.  Many different flavors to try.  I would recommend anyone to try them.
Also the owner Maria is such a sweet and welcoming person. It was such a nice experience-I will definetly go back

Sweet T., Stony Point, NY

I will have to say I think the shop is great. The cookies are  wonderful. I also have cupcakes and cookies for a few parties and will continue to return to Aunt Mia. Love that place.

Tee L., New City, NY

I went to Aunt Mia's Sweets for the first time shortly after she opened last year and I was BLOWN AWAY! The owner, Maria, is so sweet and I felt so welcomed into her store. Every time I'm there, I get a free cookie just for walking in! Her cookies Are unique and nothing short of fabulous, no one around here bakes what she does. I have never been disappointed. Every event/family gathering I go to, I make sure to grab a couple of pounds... (God forbid I don't bring them, LOL). Everyone loves her product just As much as I do, and now all of us are ordering from Aunt Mia's! I don't know how anyone could say anything bad about her product, I have never gotten a stale cupcake or a complaint about her delicious sweets. She has come out with new flavors and cakes since she has opened, (dont forget to try the Rimini)! My sons cupcake cake for his birthday last month was delicious. I highly suggest you go there, you will NOT be disappointed!!

Nadine M.

From our Google Reviews -

Carolyn Mandaro reviewed February 2013
Quality - Excellent
Aunt Mia's Sweets are the best cookies around. They are homemade right out of the oven and melt in your mouth. It's like bringing a batch of cookies to someones house from yours. The best gift to bring to someone's house for any occasion. Every flavor is amazing but everyone loves the vanilla bean. One of my favorites too.

From our listing on Superpages (you can also click this link to leave us YOUR review on Superpages!):


Nov 17, 2012

by anonymous

Aunt Mia's Sweets is amazing!! I felt enveloped in warmth the minute I stepped into the shop. The decor is incredibly inviting but the confections are absolutely TO DIE FOR!!



Sep 13, 2012

by maritza.vicole

From the first time I took a bite into a cookie, I was hooked! Aunt Mia's Sweets has the most amazing desserts. You can tell they're made with lots of love. I had to host an awards dinner in Pittsburgh and thought it would be great to be able to offer the invited guests a chance to taste these delicious cookies. What a delight it was to work with Maria, the owner. Maria graciously offered to pack and ship the cookies for me. When I arrived at the dinner in Pittsburgh, the owner of the restaurant expressed how impressed he was with the packaging and presentation of the cookie trays. All of the trays arrived perfect and the guests truly enjoyed the treat. Absolutely visit Aunt Mia's Sweets!


Aug 23, 2012

by mlg3523

What a wonderful shop to have in the county! i stopped in to aunt mia's one day after work to check them out, and now i am hooked!!!! Her cookies are amazing, and she is so sweet and attentive. I will be going often to place my orders. The rasberry chocolate chip cookies are to die for.. i cant wait till she is back from vacation so that my husband and i can test the blueberry cookies!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! try it out you will NOT be disappointed!!


Aug 15, 2012

by anonymous

Aunt Mia's has the best cookies and amazing cupcakes! I live in West Haverstraw and drive down to Orangeburg to get the cookies. The cookies are unique and taste amazing. Whenever I take the cookies to friends and family, I am always asked where I get them from, because they are so good. They now go to Aunt Mia's to get cookies.



Aug 7, 2012

by anonymous

From the second we walked into the store, the owner was incredibly friendly and warm to us. Our experience at Aunt Mia's only got better from there! The cookies are delicious (Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip... so good). The cupcake (cookies and cream) was the perfect dessert. I'll definitely keep coming back... and I will recommend Aunt Mia's to others!



May 16, 2012

by anonymous

Amazing owner/baker offering some delicious goodies. try everything, you won't regret it!



May 8, 2012

by majc218

Maria the owner makes the most amazing everything. My favorite are her black and white cookies. Yum.. But mostly its warmth and great smile that complete it... Don't miss out. I live in Westchester County and drive up to get them.. they are that worth it.. Cake Boss move over. Aunt Mias is awesome!



May 8, 2012

by anonymous

greatest homemade treats anywhere! everything maria has to offer is worth it, it's all great!! the cookies, oh the cookies! there is no favorite, one is better than the other. maria is so friendly and always greats you with a smile. i've been a loyal customer since i found her and i'll go nowhere else for my cookies. i hope everyone is ready for it, it will be what i bring anywhere i go from now on! LOVE!!



May 8, 2012

by jne

I live in New Jersey and drive up to Rockland just for these delicious cookies! No other place around as good as this!!! Definately worth the drive!!!!!



May 8, 2012

by anonymous

Great homemade sweets for every occasion. By far the best black and white cookies anywhere.



May 8, 2012

by anonymous

Hands down, one of the best bakeries in the area. Maria's cookies are unique - there are nothing like them anywhere. Buttery, sweet but not overly sweet, and great flavor combinations. They are always a hit at my parties!



May 6, 2012

by anonymous


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