Every so often in life, someone comes along who was extra special and who added something beautiful and warm to our life. Such it was with our dog, Brandi. When our little girl Brandi passed away in 2013, the void in our lives was unspeakable. So many cherished memories and moments, yet, Brandi was called over the Rainbow Bridge and is waiting there for us, tail wagging, eyes bright.

In the meantime, we at Aunt Mia’s Sweets wanted to do something to honor our girl’s life and the love she gave us that was oh so unconditional. And so, as a tribute, we created Brandi’s Biscuits. Our very own brand of gourmet dog cookies, full of good nutritious ingredients, and, by the looks of them, outrageously yummy too!!

Stop in or call us anytime and order some of Brandi’s Biscuits for your canine kids!

A portion of our Brandi’s Biscuits sales is donated to the Hi Tor Animal Care Center